Letter From The Editorial Board

We are excited to announce the beginning of New Spark, a publication whose primary interest is looking after the interests of and highlighting the muted stories of the oppressed, struggling American workers. Our existence serves as a challenge to the capitalist press, which exists to serve the interests of the capitalist class. We know that journalism, like everything else in capitalist society, is a class-based institution. To this end, we have established New Spark to uncover the class antagonisms that the capitalist class conceals within its ‘reporting,’ which almost always benefits the capitalists.

The capitalist press teaches workers to look upon their countless inconveniences and hardships as things of ‘minor importance’ and to be ‘endured’ without opposition. New Spark, on the contrary, will shed essential light on the difficulties that working Americans face by focusing primarily on the struggles that all workers confront as a class. While the capitalist press ‘analyzes’ events from the perspective of the capitalists, we at New Spark analyze every event from the perspective of the working class.

Oppression of workers, no matter how ‘small’, is important to New Spark. The capitalist class continues its tyranny today in part because it breaks up the struggles of the workers into ‘isolated conflicts’ with no apparent connections. New Spark will link up such ‘isolated conflicts’ and present the working class with a scientific assessment of capitalism and imperialism, particularly as they relate to the United States. We seek to turn the individual and group actions of workers into class actions.

We in no way seek to ‘reconcile’ class conflict, but rather to encourage and broaden such conflict. We understand that the overthrow of capitalism can only be brought about by a mass movement consciously working toward the revolutionary transformation of society. Thus, we intend for our work to not only reflect the life and battles of the working class but to shape them as well. So long as workers continue their battle in the class struggle, New Spark will be here to bring such working-class struggles to light.

Solidarity forever,

The Editorial Board of New Spark