Peru: Civil Military Criminal Dictatorship

By Valentín Pacho: Former Secretary General of the CGTP and former Senator of the Republic

Note: This article first appeared in the publication Labor Today International

To be clear, since July 28, 2021, the neo-fascist right-wing majority Congress, in holy alliance with the corrupt monopolistic press, the Prosecutor’s Office, the judicial power and the politicized Constitutional Court, promoted political, social and governance crisis, loaded with hatred and racism to force out constitutional president Pedro Castillo. As a result of the events that occurred on December 7, the president [was] vacated without due process and imprisoned, Dina Boluarte anointed as “president” by the congress with a cabinet imposed by the right: they have led Peru to the worst tragic crisis.

They have established the coup congressional dictatorship with their puppet Dina Boluarte in a repressive government, militarized, with a state of emergency and curfew, they have massacred the populations that protest demanding the closure of Congress, 26 young people killed so far, including several minors perpetrated by the repressive forces, dozens of seriously injured and hundreds of prisoners, raiding the premises of Castillo.

This tragic situation has led to national and international condemnation and rejection of the criminal dictatorship. Trade union organizations such as the CGTP, the Assembly of the Peoples of Peru and other popular sectors, democratic forces and Peruvian people demand: the immediate resignation of “president” Dina Boluarte, closure of Congress, advance of elections in 2023, Constituent Assembly, political reform, release of President Pedro Castillo so that he can defend himself in law, cancel the state of emergency and curfew.

The crimes perpetrated must not go unpunished, exemplary sanction to those responsible and executors, the “president” Boluarte, defense and interior ministers Alberto Otárola and Cesar Augusto Cervantes. It is detestable what was expressed by the “president” that the military jurisdiction will carry out the investigation, that is, the criminals will investigate each other. The immediate intervention of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is urgent, complaints will be made to the other international organizations. The coup congress no longer has legitimacy or moral authority responsible for the crisis: they all have to leave.